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Philips AVENT DECT SCD 501 Babyphone – Guidebook

The Philips AVENT DECT SCD 501 convinces with a comparatively low price and offers the most important functions that a baby monitor should have. The technology works flawlessly. A real recommendation for those who like things simple.

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Philips AVENT DECT SCD 501


The Philips AVENT DECT SCD 501 has good technology that transmits clear sound and is even tap-proof. Sounds are not only reproduced with clear sound, but are also indicated with the visual noise level indicator.

Thanks to the Smart Eco Mode, the Philips baby monitor is particularly energy-saving and reduces radiation at the same time.


Outdoors, the Philips AVENT DECT SCD 501 has a range of up to 300 meters. However, as with all baby monitors, the range changes depending on the environment. Indoors, you can therefore expect a range of up to 50 meters. The device emits a warning signal when the range is exceeded.

Power Supply

The parent unit of the baby monitor can be operated either with batteries (type 1.5 V R6 AA) or with mains power. The baby unit can only be operated with mains power. Thanks to the Smart Eco mode, the AVENT DECT SCD 501 has an operating time of up to 24 hours even on battery power. A warning tone sounds in good time when the battery is low.

Noise Level Display

Thanks to the noise level indicator, you can mute the parent unit with peace of mind. Noises are then indicated by light bars. The more light bars on the parent unit light up, the more sounds the baby unit perceives.

Night Light

The integrated night light adjusts the brightness to the baby’s needs and helps him sleep more peacefully. It also helps the baby to get used to the day-night rhythm, so that in the long term it is supported in developing a normal sleep rhythm.


✅ Range up to 300 m

✅ Clear sound

✅ visual noise level indicator

✅ night light

✅ Smart Eco Mode

✅ Parent unit can be used on mains power or with batteries/rechargeable batteries

✅ great price


❌ batteries must be charged in separate charger

❌ no camera

❌ no intercom function

❌ no lullabies

❌ no room temperature display

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